Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving layout

Nothing prompts me to action more than deadlines and this layout that I did using the pictures from 2009 is a result of such inspiration. 
My friend Mary Jo posted a challenge on the blog 'Craft Your Nest' to scrapbook Thanksgiving pictures and that made me go back into archives and retrieve pictures from past three years. I managed to scrapbook these ones from 2009 and still have to tackle 2010 and 2011, good thing I see a long weekend in my future. 

This layout focuses on the food that we cooked for our Thanksgiving meal and a few friends that joined us. Its a simple layout and the pictures capture enough detail that I have chosen not to journal although the pictures from 2010 would have a substantial story behind it, but its not ready to be shared yet.

Thank you as always Mary Jo for prompting me to action.

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