Friday, October 11, 2013

Wreath for Harvest season...

Harvest season is upon us and it was time update out Spring Wreath

I took out the flowers and pared it down to the bare bones. Before starting the project I had stopped by the Target dollar section to pick up a few fall decor goodies. I had some fall decoration on hand but they were too halloween-ish...  

Basic Wreath, ready to be reused.
The three things I picked up from Target were faux felt fall leaves, a welcome sign and a beanie owl.
I used punch to make holes in the leaves and used pipe cleaners to attach them to the wreath.

I was surprised but the punch worked on the wood welcome sign too and I tied it to the wreath using regular grocery store ties.

Sat the owl on the wreath like its a swing and tied the tag (on the bottom) and the wings to the wreath. And voila! my harvest season wreath is ready to greet the guests at the door...

Welcome Friends!!!

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  1. Oh that turned out super cute. You made it look easy, too!