Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sacramento Mural Festival: Aug 20th thru 27th

I had posted about the beautiful mural of midtown Sacramento a while ago; it had really inspired me to explore the town and sometimes take the back alley way to get to my destinations. So I was really excited to hear about the very first Mural Festival of Sacramento.
The festival features live demonstrations of  mural making featuring twelve different artists. The artists started creating their murals on the 20th and are working at a breathtaking pace to unveil the final master pieces during the Art Jam Party on the 27th August.
Today, my friend and I scouted out a few back and side alleys to observe the works of art being created. It was an incredible experience to see colors taking shape over such a massive scale.
Sharing a few pictures from my phone to give you a glimpse so you can partake in my excitement.

Jake Castro busy creating patterns at Crest Theatre Alley

Andrew Schoultz's finished half of the huge mural

The other side of Andrew's mural that is being worked on....

Drew Merritt's mural at Native American Health Center
This is my most favorite mural and can't wait to see the finished art with the pink feathers framing the piece.
Iruniel Moreno's mural, a craft girls cutting and releasing butterfly, out of paper... 

Nate Frizzell's mural by Faces...
If you live close to here you must carve out time to come see the murals. There's more details about the Art Jam event and artists on the web. Check it out!

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