Thursday, October 24, 2013

Monarch butterfly costume - DIY

I love it when my kids get creative with the Halloween costumes. There is nothing better than thinking outside the box (box stores in this case).
So last year when my girl said she wanted to be monarch butterfly, I got beyond excited because I knew I will not be ordering this costume online or buying it from a party store, I will be creating it.

I started with a white foam core board, a sharpie marker and a couple shades of yellow and orange acrylic colors. I used a picture for reference but pretty much hand sketched the block of colors.

This is how it looked after the first coat, after which I cut closely along the edges.

A second coat of color on the wings and some clean up with the white acrylic. I replicated the design on both sides to give it a more uniform look.

Halloween evening usually get chilly here so I added white felt circles for eyes and black pipe cleaners with pop-poms for tentacles on a black fuzzy cap. A big yellow daisy completed the look...


  1. that's wonderful! I have to share this with my girlfriends who have daughters!
    found you via blog hopping.
    stop by our blog Aalayam - when you get a chance


    1. Hi! Deepa, thanks for stopping by. I did check out your blog... its filled with inspiration :-) Love it!