Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Memories in the making...

I must start this post with an apology, even though I have yet to type up my thoughts I know they are all tinged with personal stories and intimate victories, so unless you are a mother or a deeply empathetic person you might find it hard to relate to it... but I must express nonetheless.

Today's morning started in a recovery mode from the cascading effect of the night before... to summarize, there were a series of articles linked with each other and I kept hopping from one to the next which ended up in a late night resulting in a morning alarm that was snoozed too many times. I was running late and trying to cover up ground when after breakfast my little one came around in her new 'marvel' T-shirt asking if I can make french braids today. It was a split second decision, do I disappoint my daughter or get ready to suffer the wrath of my manager... I decided to take a chance braided my daughters hair. While combing her hair I realized that she has gotten so tall that I had to ask her to sit down so I can braid her hair properly, where has the time flown, when did she become so tall. These years are passing in a flash and I was thankful that I followed my gut and decided to braid her hair, sounds like a small and insignificant decision but these are the moments that form the memories that we look back on.

Another special moment of the day came when my teenager came to me and said "Mom, I need your advice. I think you can help since you never give up on anything." Now if you have a tween or a teenager you might know how hard it is for them to ask for help let alone admit that you as a parent might actually know something. All I can say is that it was a 'Total victory moment'.

Side Story: I have been going through some rough time in my career and in last couple months needed to make a decision, do I stay in the game, fight and push forward or do I retreat back to my comfort zone. I decided to throw a challenge at my brain to help me make a decision. I had to come up with one word that would define me once I leave... it was a conversation between my brain and I and the word that was unanimously decided among them was 'RESILIENT'. I am resilient and after I leave I'd want to be known for the one who got up every single time and not the one who never failed. Decision made, I stay and fight and prove it to myself that I'm not afraid of falling... 

Fast forward to today, unaware of any of my struggles when I daughter saw me as a person who never gives up, it was the biggest validation I could ever imagine to get. And what they say about parents should lead with example, well I did it! at least this one time.

I guess two victories for the second day of memory keeping is pretty good odds. Upward and onward...

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