Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Uptown Art Fair 2012

Sharing a few pictures from the uptown Art Fair this year and to summarize the trip I’d say, ‘I have seen it much better’. This particular art exhibition failed to inspire me for most part. I am growing tired of seeing digitally manipulated travel pictures and collage posters and repetitive jewelry designs and this is what a major portion of fair was and of course also the growing number of food stalls. I guess they have increased the number of food stalls to keep the escorts of art enthusiast at the fair interested.
At a particular section of the fair was so repetitive and uninspiring that I almost burst into tears, I guess I really have high expectations from this fair that I have been visiting regularly for more than a decade.
At the low point in fair we stopped at our trusted Northern Clay Center stall to play with some clay and somehow they didn’t seem as friendly as past years, not only they were missing a smile but at times they were out right rude. I hesitated before I started a project this year at their booth because of the attitude but at times you have to ignore others and not their bad mood influence your day/life.

After the NCC booth while kids negotiated treats for their understanding behavior on a hot and sunny afternoon I wandered off to an art stall with African Animals sketched on handmade paper. And this was the inspiring art stall that shifted the mood of my visit and tipped the scale to the other side. I was extremely impressed by some of the art pieces and if I had not blown my ‘fun savings’ on the recent trip to Paris and India, I’d have invested in this art. But it’s on my list now…

It captured my heart

I'd love to see this in my home
As I said the scale has tipped from ‘Blah’ to ‘inspiring’ and I encountered beautiful art work one after the other like I have been transported to the other side. The water colors, the jewelry pieces inspired by nature walks or laser cut steel with gems, all captured your heart.

Very realistic water color

Another favorite

Inspiration for my sun room/green house

leaves, acorns etc dipped in copper

All in all, a good art fair day in the end but next year I also plan to check out the sister fair of Powderhorn that I haven’t done so far...

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