Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rustica Bakery... Paris memories

DH and I are both foodies and we connect and relate to places and cultures through food. I remember when we had just returned from London, DH searched high and low to find scones and cream just so that we can recreate the experience from Trafalgar Square cafe on a cold and foggy Sunday morning. And in the end he had to start baking his own scones and buying the clotted cream from Kowalski's because we couldn't find a bakery with good English scones.

So, this summer once we were back from our trip to Paris, a similar hunt started to find chocolate croissants just like the ones we ate from a Parisian Bakery in Fountainebleau. A coworker of DH who is a French expat, pointed us towards Rustica bakery

It was just what we were looking for. After a particularly active Saturday, we stopped by this bakery in uptown Minneapolis to relax with a latte and some hot chocolate for the little ones. The place was busy as you would expect in a cafe but the service was prompt and they even had the patience to cut little loaves for us to try, when we couldn't make up our mind in a hurry. When it comes to fresh bread, we usually want to buy the bakery and not an individual loaf :-)
Its a self service cafe with free Wi-Fi, as is evident from the number of people working at the long tables. I love the idea of writing little stories in a busy cafe, some where up in the mountains or by a lake, in this case the cafe is by lake Calhoun but not in direct view, but that's where the writer's imagination comes into picture...

We had to carry out a couple of loaves for the Sunday morning brunch and some dessert for Saturday night, late night treat...

If you like the taste of freshly baked goods and the would like to experience a charming cafe very similar to the ones in Paris, Rustica is a bakery one must visit and there are a number of little things on sale for gifts to those who seem to have everything they really need.

Enjoy the pictures, please don't drool over your equipment and next time you are in the area, try out Rustica...

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