Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring Wreath

This post must come across as a contradiction after the last pictures of February snow but what can I say, my relationship with winter is a classic Love-Hate…

Some days I welcome snow with my arms open and on other days I am gently suggesting that it has overstayed its welcome. And on days in between, I realize my minuscule power over nature and I keep telling myself… it too shall pass, just like all the other winters preceding this one.

Yesterday evening as I pulled into the driveway and witnessed the battle between the glow of the setting sun and the mound of the snow-ice mix in the yard, I decided to empower the feeling of warmth and change the wreath on my doorway to something spring.

It was a quick 10 minutes project but lifted my spirits no end. Here’s how I did it: 

Removed the holiday trimmings from the twig wreath
that was hanging on the doorway

Went down to the basement and rescued the old synthetic
flowers (cherry blossoms) waiting to see the daylight
Randomly arranged the flower bunches on the twig wreath

  Fussed with the little branches and attached them with package ties

Swapped the holiday bird with the spring bird

And Voila! It’s ready, perfectly dressed to welcome spring…

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