Monday, March 18, 2013

Persnalize T-shirt with Stenciling using Acrylics

One of my friend was looking to create some unique yoga shirts for her team and asked me if I knew of quick and easy way. I had heard of the freezer paper stencils but had never tried them myself, so using the trusted Google, I came across this very help tutorial at Ruffles & Stuff
When it was time to make special T-shirts for my daughter's, 'Jump Rope for Heart' team; this tutorial came in very handy. I pretty much followed all her steps and then I had to make a few mistakes of my own, just to learn from them. Here is what the final product looked like...

I wrote free- hand on the matte side of the Freezer paper.

Using X-Acto knife and small scissors, cut out the letters

Make sure to save the negative in between pieces for 'P' and 4, etc

I chose Acrylic colors and mixed them with Golden fabric medium
Iron the paper, Glossy side down on the fabric (T-shirt)

I used foam brush to dab color on the T-shirt through the paper stencil. Apply a thin coat the first time and then follow up with a second after its reasonably dried off. I tried to hurry up and that led to some bleeding and the edges weren't crisp all around. I made four such T-shirts along with the name of individual Team Members on the back of it.

After making a few of these stencils, I realized that they can be re-used up to two times, if peeled carefully. 
The heart on the T-shirt was cut out of felt piece and hemmed in place.
The team loved their personalized T-shirts and although the team didn't win any prize for most creative costume, they were still proudly showing it off and I was told that evening that I was placed in the 'Coolest Mom' category.

Its an easy project and can be done on things like cushion covers and pillow covers to give a custom look to home decor. 

p.s. I did wash the T-shirt a couple times and the color is still intact. 

Hope you give it a shot...

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  1. That is so cute!
    And the tutorial looks so simple!