Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Dye and Come Alive

I recently experimented with fabric dyeing; the inspiration came from a wonderful article on my filpboard app a week or so ago, it talked about the amount of clothing that we American discard each year and how it makes its way into secondary markets within the country and outside as well. It is a parallel industry that gets very less attention but has turnover in billions. I so want to add a link to that article here but so far I have been unable to relocate it. 

The author of the article traced a few article of cloths from their original owners to the second hand shop to the new buyers/users and it was such an interesting journey with thorough market analysis and business decisions that were made during the transaction.
And although it was a very interesting journey, it did mention the amount of discards that eventually makes it to the landfills. So I wanted to do my share by reducing the height of my donation pile.
I started with a wonderful weave of silk and cotton top that I had picked up in Bangalore India, a few years ago. The fabric was still in very good shape and the embroidery intact but I had out grown the muted forest green color of the back ground. I chose Rit dye since it was the first one available in the local craft shop and all in all I am satisfied with the overall project.

What do you think of fabric dyeing, have you any experience with natural dyes cause that is another thing on my list to try... Do share :-)

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