Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Around Here...

    View coming into work this morning
  • The sugar rush from Halloween continues, we haven’t put away the candy tray and it still sits by the front door
At the fireworks shop
  •  The 5 day festival of Diwali culminated yesterday with Bhai dooj (started 1st Nov)

I always aim to make 5 different types of sweets for Diwali

  • We made and ate and shared lots and lots of sweets with friends and neighbors
  • We switched back from Day light savings time to regular time and it is beautiful to see sunlight filtering into the bedroom rather than waking up in the dark (which I still do on most days)

  • As I woke up
    • Both girls are working very hard towards their respective music recitals that is coming up soon in just about a months’ time along with a few other musical fundraiser events
    • We got our first dusting of snow and it made everything so pretty, the silvery shimmer on grey limbs of the leaf-less trees… only because it November, I’d hate this in spring
    Our pumkin got some grey hair
    • Recreational basketball made an entry into our lives and the first session began this week

    Photos taken by me using my phone

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