Friday, November 01, 2013

Happy Halloween folks!

2013 was a special Halloween for us; it was the first time that DH agreed to dress up. I had picked up a skeleton suit for him but he wasn’t sure and so I had not planned anything either so when at the last minute he slipped into the costume, I had to come up with something really fast. And besides an angel and a witch, a girl with long dark hair can always bank on dressing up as Frida Kahlo. A warp around skirt and a shawl that DH had picked up in Spain and a few accessories later, I was ready.

A skeleton, a kitty cat, Frida Kahlo and a fortune teller.
The girls chose their own costumes, a cat and a fortune teller. I wanted to make the cat ear and tail myself but when I found the whole Cat kit in Target for five dollars, I knew my time will not be worth it. So it was store bought (sacrilege), I know.

The fortune teller was a combination of skirts for layering effect and a scarf that we had picked up during our last Paris trip. Rest was accessories from our dressing tables and jewelry drawers…

p.s. sorry about the noisy picture... its a phone picture but I really wanted to share now and not wait for pictures from the really camera :-)

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