Monday, January 20, 2014

A new painting… Kathik, Oil on Canvas

Kathik, 16 x 20, oil on canvas
This painting was in the making for a long time although it was executed on the canvas in just a few hours over 4-5 days. Its about a story teller, a dancer, a kathak dancer in particular that tells stories through movements and keeps a tradition that has been alive for thousand years.

I used oils and it is my favorite medium so far, I tried using acrylic in my last painting (three of us) but I wasn't very content. I like modulating strong brush strokes rather than building layers of dried pigment. Because acrylic dries so fast its a very narrow window to add anything to it once its on canvas. With this process I can deliberate and experiment and fix as I go without much elaborate planning.
I think subconsciously, I like the thought of going over past moments and perfecting them.

As with any artist, I wanted to fuss over the details but because I tend to get carried away, I stopped myself after a point just to step away and let it be.

Happy with the end product, I think it might be a series but don't hold your breath, lots on my plate still...

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