Thursday, January 16, 2014

Special Feature…

I wanted to share special news with you. Priya, a fellow blogger who features beautiful and inspiring design interiors on her blog among many other things has featured an article on me and this blog in her online magazine, ‘Curated’.

Through her blog posts one could tell that she has an eye for details and a curator’s perspective but I was still pleasantly surprised with the overall impact the magazine creates, everything from placements to layout and color composition is just perfect. I had to take a second look at the article and confirm it’s really me and my home and my pictures in this feature. She seemed to have glamoured it all up.

It is amazing how when you look at yourself through someone else’s eyes, your belief in yourself and your journey, firms up. It is not necessarily the approval, a gentle nod and smile from a fellow traveler is enough to find ones grounding just so that we can lose it again and wander on…

Do stop by Priya’s blog and checkout the magazine and of course her daily dose of design inspiration.

If you have found your path to this blog through Curated magazine, I thank you for taking the time and hope you stay a while and have an inspiring time.