Monday, January 06, 2014

One Little Word for 2014: Connect

There is a saying in Hindi that roughly translates into, ‘Faith can turn a rock into God’. This little word is turning out to be so, I believe in it. I have had second thoughts about having a single word as my guiding mantra but at the end of the year, I often look back and see how opportunities came and guided me through my intention.

This year my intention is: CONNECT

I started thinking about my word for 2014 a few months ago, many words came across as I slowly turned them in my head to see the possibilities they carry as they gently float by in the wake of my thoughts. For some reason, I thought it very difficult this year to find one word to be my intention. I saw myself as expanding and ready to soar and see where the winds of change will take me and yet I wanted to be rooted and be honest to myself. I imagined myself with multiple words, directing the different facets of my life that I am looking to bring to light but nothing seemed right.

It was a few weeks ago during a run on the treadmill when I was experimenting with the way my feet touches the moving strip (toe first versus heel first and the area of the sole) that the word ‘Connect’ floated into my thoughts and kind of stuck. It didn’t seem right at first and definitely not all encompassing but as I mulled it started to make sense. It’s not a complicated word and certainly not the one with deeper meaning but it can be interpreted in so many ways to give it such profound meaning.

I’d like to CONNECT to my inner self, my unnoticed thoughts and inspirations.

I’d like to CONNECT deeper within my physical body, practice yoga more frequency, meditate and understand what my body is telling me.

I’d like to CONNECT better with my family and friends, be there to listen and to understand and expand beyond the Facebook updates and text messaging. I’d like to hear their voices and give real hugs, share meals and play games.

I’d like to CONNECT with like-minded people to expand my venture; I’d like to meet more artisans and collaborate and find more people who are willing to look at real art that defies trends.

And just like that, I was CONNECTED to my little word for the year 2014… 

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