Monday, November 24, 2014

A Week in Life - 2014; progress

Here's a summary of pages for the 'a week in Life' challenge. I couldn't keep up with updating the daily routines on the blog after the migraine on Wednesday in my challenge week and after that I wasn't sure if I should skip the day, add it later and missed the whole update in that dilemma.
Wednesday at home...
Friday - Halloween

Thursday - Punch's Pizza dinner...

The pages are assembled with pictures grounded by a horizontal line. All the pictures were printed in 4x6 inch size and then were cropped to add some drama to the layout and of course weed out the distractions. There are a few pages that need more pictures and I need to dig them from other people's devices. Besides that I plan to use stickers for the week of the day and include a handwritten journal. Some of the details that I plan to add are sunrise/sunset time; weather/temperature; school start and end time; usual wake up times… etc

Saturday- morning newspaper day
Sunday, mostly at home... 
Tuesday - busy with activities...
Monday - the most documented
 I plan to finish these pages and then continue telling stories through some more scrapbook pages… will add as I go along.

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