Thursday, August 20, 2015

Memory capturing continues...

Day 4: Best Ever… 'Summer'!
This is my first summer break since I graduated from Grad school so needless to say spending time with my girls, time to re-evaluate goals, and of course change of scenery all rank high in my book of 'best ever'.

Day 5: Being in California is an adventure for us, it was a big decision and it comes with its ups and downs… driving distance to this beauty (Half Dome at Yosemite National Park) is definitely a plus.

Day 6: Lucky! I am… This summer we were able to spend a long weekend together with my entire family and I thought that was incredibly lucky, I felt blessed :-)
Day 7: prepare to be amazed… 
The transition from Minnesota to California this summer meant our stuff ended up in storage for more than two months and that took a toll on our family bike rides. So as soon as we all got our bikes and punctures were fixed and air pressure filled, we hit the trail with a lot of anticipation for the journeys to come, we are prepared to be amazed...  

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