Monday, September 07, 2015

Memory capturing with Heidi Swapp's prompts

Heidi Swapp's 30 days of memory keeping prompts (#30days30prompts30reasons) have ended but my journey with my memory keeping continues…
I'll in time list all of my 30 pictures with their respective memory prompts. Here's a few:-

Day 8: Relax
Recently our Sunday afternoons have been looking like this and when they don't we wish that they would, lounging together on 'Mamma-Daddy' bed, chit chatting and sometimes watching a movie together to unwind for the upcoming week and 'RELAX'.

Day 9: Be Bright
This little one is our ray of sunshine… she thinks that it is her duty to make other people smile and for that resaon she often doesn't express her own true feeling and those buried emotions show up in frequent meltdowns. It is my job as a mother to teach her that its okay to express your opinion even if its not liked by everyone and that is the true path to BEing BRIGHT.

Day 10: Like Never Before
The girls are exploring new grounds with the beginning of this new school year, not only that its a new place and new school but also we as a family don't have a village around for our safety net. Its uncharted territory for all of us but specially for these little ones as they are finding their comfort zone among new friends and neighbors and teachers all at once, LIKE NEVER BEFORE...

Day 11: "Today was totally about me"
This prompt was perfectly timed. If you follow my instagram feed, you possibly know how I was grappling to find a grip on my life #RandomSortOfDay. It is difficult to go from a stressful, full-time, well paying, engineering job to staying at home in a new place with no friends around… It was time that I focused my attention towards myself and explore the possibilities that my new found freedom held within. 

Day 12: FUN
For our recent weekend excursion we went to Six Flags amusement park and I went on a thrilling roller coaster ride with my daughter. It seems like in finding entertainment for a family with young kids we had forgotten how much fun we had in amusement parks and this ride "Boomerang" was a wonderful reminder of the FUN we used to have and the FUN that lies ahead.

Day 13: and Just Like That…
You know when you recently move to a new place, it takes your subconscious to re-orient itself. You are looking for your familiar coffee shop when your turn the corner and you realize you are on a totally different road in a new State; or in your kitchen you open a drawer in the middle of a cooking spree looking for spatulas and find knives instead.
Well after a lot of such moments, when the other day I woke up from a cat nap on my sofa and saw these photo canvases and familiar flowers, I knew it was home, JUST LIKE THAT...

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